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Supreme Darts
Supreme Darts

You strat the game with 301 points. At the end of the shot, the score of the dart shot is subtracted from your score. Try to reach zero within 30 shot.

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Animal HunterAnimal Hunter
Hunting rabbit, birds, etc in the jungle.

Play(1299) Rating(19)
Zombie Killer 2072 ADZombie Killer 2072 AD
Kill the disgusting zombies - each take multiple shots to dispose off

Play(1251) Rating(20)
Sekonda Ice HockeySekonda Ice Hockey
Play ice hockey at the Skonda Arena

Play(1260) Rating(9)
Flash StrikeFlash Strike
Kill as many terrorists as possible with your gun

Play(1463) Rating(27)
Criminal IntentCriminal Intent
Earn money by performing all the odd-jobs

Play(1243) Rating(5)
Slashing PumpkinsSlashing Pumpkins
Drop knifes to hit the rolling pumpkins

Play(1374) Rating(7)

Crazy CastleCrazy Castle
Purchase various type of weapons such as crossbows, pistols, UZIs, lasers, plasma guns and more to destroy the incoming intruders

Play(1240) Rating(6)
Super Space Dog FightingSuper Space Dog Fighting
Shoot the alien from within your spacecraft

Play(1220) Rating(41)
Castle Cat 2Castle Cat 2
Play a cute cat that throw mace and fire cannon. Collect coin and avoid running over by cars

Play(1359) Rating(24)
Bird HuntingBird Hunting
Shoot all the birds on screen

Play(1646) Rating(12)
Star AmbushedStar Ambushed
Click to fire and destroy them as many as possible.

Play(1366) Rating(11)
Bean HunterBean Hunter
Shoot the Beans as soon as they appear on screen

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Happy Tree Friends: Flippy AttackHappy Tree Friends: Flippy Attack
Stay alive as long as possible

Play(8221) Rating(21)

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